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Putting on a condom correctly: How to get it right first time and the biggest mistakes

Putting the condom on correctly is the most important, but often also the most annoying part of sex, because there is always this stupid pause.

This guide will help you put the condom on perfectly in just a few seconds, recognise problems and avoid the biggest mistakes. We also have tips for you on how to make the whole thing even more beautiful and even very erotic for both of you.

So read the instructions thoroughly and you're sure to get the job done.

Putting on a condom correctly - step-by-step instructions

With these 6 steps, you and your partner will be on the safe side and putting on a condom will be a breeze. In this guide, we will discuss the foreskin in step 4. If you are circumcised, you can of course simply skip this step.

1. Follow the instructions in the package

Even if you have read through the instructions for putting on a condom here, you can always refer to the instructions in the condom package if you are unsure. There you will find all the information you need to put on the condom correctly.

2. Open the condom package carefully

When you have the plastic condom packet in your hand, you can simply tear it open by hand along the serrated side. If it doesn't work so well at one corner, it often helps to test another corner.

It is very important that you never use scissors, knives, your teeth or other sharp or pointed objects to open the pack.

This could damage the condom without you noticing.

3. Take out the condom & hold it the right way round

Once you have opened the pack, you can remove the condom.

Before you take it out, make sure that your fingers are clean and free of sperm or drops of pleasure.

If you have had contact with the condom, your partner may become pregnant despite the condom.

To check whether you are holding the condom the right way round, you can hold it by the tip and pull very lightly on the outer ring of the condom.

If the outer ring forms a small edge, it is the right way round. If you have a continuous surface and can't pull the ring down further, it's the wrong way round.

4. Pull back the foreskin if you have one

If you have a foreskin, it is now time to pull it back as far as possible with one hand. Your partner can also help you with 1 or 2 hands. This will also help you keep your erection and make it a bit more fun.

5. Sit up and roll down

Almost there! Now hold the condom like a little hat on the tip of your penis while you hold it by the tip. The best way to do this is with your thumb and index finger.

Make sure that there is no air in the tip, because this can increase the risk of the condom bursting after you put it on.

When the air is out and the foreskin is pulled back, you can unroll the condom as far as possible. It should cover the whole shaft of the penis, down to the base.

6. Have fun

The condom is on, the air is out of the tip and the condom is tight? Great, that's how you use a condom properly, now you're ready for some wonderful moments together.

If things don't go so smoothly, it's best to take some lube with you. This will not only feel better for both of you, but will also protect the condom from being damaged by too much friction.

You can read about which lubricants are particularly good or not at all here.

The most common problems while putting on a condom

Condom is put on the wrong way round

If you accidentally put the condom on the wrong way round, you should always use a new condom if you have already had contact with the tip of your penis.

This is important because otherwise there could be drops of semen on the outside of the condom, which could make your partner pregnant.

Condom is difficult to unroll or unrolls only partially

If the condom is difficult to unroll, does not unroll at all, or you can only unroll it partially, there are two possible reasons:

1. You have put the condom on the wrong way round
2. You have the wrong condom size and are trying to unroll a condom that is too small.

In the first case, you should use a new condom, as described above. In case 2, we would recommend that you check your condom size at the latest before the next time you have sex.

Using the right condom size not only makes it easier to unroll the condom, but also increases your safety and improves your feeling during sex.

Here you will find information and tools to help you determine your condom size.

Erection disappears after putting on a condom

If you put the condom on and then lose your erection shortly afterwards or can no longer hold it properly, this can also be a sign that the condom is too small.

Therefore, we advise you to measure once.

If the condom is too big

If your condom is too big, it may slip off easily, not be tight enough and therefore not provide any protection against unwanted pregnancies or STIs.

That's why you should always make sure you have the right condom size.

No-gos when putting on a condom - Usage mistakes you should avoid

To avoid unpleasant surprises, there are a few things you should avoid at all costs. Most of these things may sound obvious to you, but you should not forget them:

Old and damaged condoms

Condoms with expired expiry dates, condoms that have been squeezed in your wallet or left in the heat for too long, etc. do not belong over the penis, but in the residual waste.

Before putting the condom over the penis, check that the package and the condom are undamaged. If there is still air in the package that can be squeezed out, you should also dispose of the condom.

Massage oil & fat-containing lubricants

Condoms hate fat! When combined with oil, Vaseline, butter, etc., they become porous and dissolve in no time.

That's why you should be careful when massaging before sex - because you'll usually still have oil on your hands and body afterwards. The same applies if you have applied lotion to your hands beforehand.
You can find more information about this in our guide to lubricant and condoms!

Condom size is too small or too big

Having sex with a condom that doesn't actually fit can quickly backfire. It doesn't fit properly, can only be put on by force, bursts more easily and you feel less.

Not to mention the risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. That's why you should always use the right condom size.

Starting out inexperienced

If you've never put on a condom before, it can help a lot to practise on yourself a few times. This will give you more practice, which can help you tremendously when it matters most.

Not only will you become more confident, but you'll also get it done faster and look better overall.

Otherwise, if your partner is more experienced, he or she can do the covering for you.

You should only do special things like putting the condom on with your mouth if your partner really knows how to do it and can do it without risk to you.

Drops of lust and sperm on the condom

If you get drops of lust or sperm on your fingers and touch the outside of the condom, the protection is gone.

That's why it's important to keep your hands clean.

If in doubt, wash your hands briefly. And if something goes wrong, just use a new condom.

Use condoms more than once

Once you have put a condom on your penis, you have to dispose of it. It doesn't matter whether you have ejaculated or not.

Once the condom is open, it must be used or disposed of.

Unplanned anal sex

If you want to go into the back door, you need to be properly prepared, use a suitable condom and sufficient lubricant.

Otherwise it will not only be painful and possibly the last adventure of this kind - there is also a great risk that the condom will tear due to friction.

And that's something you want to avoid at all costs. So prepare well and then let's go for the tingling experience.

Conclusion - Putting on condoms correctly

Especially the first few times, it can be challenging to put on a condom properly and quickly, which almost always leads to a little pause.

But that doesn't mean you have to let it bother you. Instead, you can consciously incorporate putting on the condom into your foreplay by celebrating it as a special moment.

For example, your partner can put it on with his or her hand or mouth and prepare "him or her" for sex. In this way, you can turn a lust killer into an erotic ritual that will get you even more excited.

Finally, we would like to advise you to find out your condom size to ensure that you are optimally protected and have as much fun as possible.

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